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Business & Projects Notion Template for Entrepreneurs

The Business Lab is a business & project management template for entrepreneurs. It's built on three levels, covering everything from the big picture of your business to the more specific tasks that drive each project.

In short, a Notion Template to create, plan and monitor your business lines in a simple but sophisticated way. You can also use it as a project charter.

The core of the template is structured in business > projects > tasks. In this way, each business is structured in projects and each project has tasks. It can also be understood as projects > tasks > subtasks. In short, it is one level deeper than the Notion 'projects and tasks' template on which it is built.

Each 'business' represents an activity. Within each business, you can create 'projects' that act as units of focus and allow you to break down your objectives into manageable, focused segments. But this is where the value multiplies: at the "task" level, you can break down each project into concrete actions, giving you a detailed roadmap to your achievements.

In addition, it incorporates a resource database. Here, you can catalogue essential tools, relevant links and valuable knowledge in one central location, which you can associate and synchronise with businesses or projects.

It's not just a tool, it's an approach.


- Business Management.

Clarity is essential, so the first thing you will see when you open 'The Business Lab' each day will be the activities or active businesses you are working on on a daily basis or are planning, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive view of your active businesses on the home page, with quick access to repositories containing the completed ('Archive') and to-be-started ('Backlog') businesses. This functionality allows you to focus precisely on each phase of the business cycle, optimising your decision making and resources.

In the 'Business' section you will have an overview of active, pending and completed business.

On the specific business page you can add projects, resources and all the information related to the business.

- Project Management.

The projects of each business will be on the page of the business itself, but you will also have a complete overview of all projects in the 'Projects' section (grouped by projects and with assets appearing first). In the timeline of the main dashboard they will appear in a timeline.

In the specific page of a project you will be able to add tasks, resources and all the project information.

- Task Management.

Therefore, the tasks of a project can be seen in the project page, but you will also have a to-do list in the main dashboard, showing in first place the tasks of the current week and separating those done from those not done. In a second tab you will have a calendar where you can see the tasks by days.

- Sprints

It's useful to improve productivity as it will allow you to organise your work in blocks of time. Personally, each sprint is 2 weeks long.

- Buttons

In moments of inspiration, agility is key. That's why we've integrated intuitive buttons that allow you to create business, projects, tasks or resources instantly, freeing you to focus on what matters most: the growth and success of your business.

Who is this template for?

- Digital business entrepreneurs:

For people who live from personal projects, the so-called One-Business-Person (although it will also work if you delegate to employees or freelancers). It will be useful if you have e-commerce, websites monetised with AdSense, you are a streamer or you have YouTube channels, for example.

- Freelance:

each business can be a client, or a service you provide and within each service the projects are the client's projects). However, stay tuned because I will upload one specifically for freelancers.

- Creators:

If you are in social media, every business can be a form of monetisation. For example, for a Youtuber it would be affiliation, collaborations, merchandising...

- Consultant / Agency:

Just like a freelancer, you can use it for your clients and their projects


Send me an e-mail ( with your doubts before you take it.

Please note that due to the nature of the product, I cannot accept returns, so please ask me before you take the template to make sure it will work for you.

Ask me for updates!

If you notice that something is missing, or needs arise while using it like me, send me an email telling me about it and I will try to incorporate it.

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A Notion Template for entrepreneurs

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The Business Lab - Notion Template

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